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Travel teams have been selected for the 2018/2019 year.   Thank you to everyone who tried out this year.  As mentioned previously, enrollment is down for MYSC and you will notice that rosters for our travel teams this fall are very small.  In order to ensure that playing time is not sacrificed and players have a smaller trainer & coach to player ratio, we have chosen to form more small teams rather than fewer large teams.  This will necessitate more "double rostering" between teams, which means that many players will be given the opportunity to play for more than one team.  These players will have the option of playing in additional games and attending additional practices.  We will be contacting players over the summer to discuss these opportunites.  

Thank you, MYSC


                   2018/2019 Boys Travel Teams


U11 Gold

U12 Gold

U12 White

U12 Black

Coach: TBD

Coach: Holly Wheeler

Coach: TBD

Coach: TBD

Kyle Borduas

Will Bonito

Elliot Arroyo

Griffin Brodie

Ben Coe

Gavin Brogle

James Boyd

Paul Fumex

Max Cuticelli

Brennan Catino

Ethan Byrne

Evan Gray

Sam Duffy

Jasper Fried

Patrick Cahill

Conner Greco

Harrison Hodge

Nate Huang

Calvin Davies

Landon Hendershot

Nathaniel Konstantino

Eli Jacob

Quinn Geis

David Jacoby

Finley McConville

Thomas McCullough

Teddy Giuliano

Trey Newman

Timothy McSweeney

Miles McGetrick

Luke Jacobsen

Daniel Shenouda

Hudson O’Hanlon

Dallas Potter

Alex Khacherian

Brandon Shield

James Portley

Liam Scott

Zack Porte

Thomas Starkey

Wyatt Roberts

Max Wheeler

Brock Potter

Luke Steffen

Billy Shay

Oliver Wilker

William Riggerio

Daniel Tornos

Gavin Waterman


Sam Rotermund

Jack Varone


U13 Gold

U14 Gold

U14 White

U15 Gold

Coach: Mike Skonieczny

Coach: TBD

Coach TBD

Coach: Chas Wira

Mason Bussman

Jay Boyer

Nathan Boyd

Eli Ackerman

Aden Chorney

Nate Brasky

Jimmy DeAngelis

Tyler Birdsey

Rich Fearon

Jack Dodd

Ethan Feldman

Matthew Ciampini

Evan Fogelmann

Julian Evans

Chris Glaser

Adam Coe

Matt Gervais

Will Harriman

Kevin Green

Kaleb Cohen

Kasmir Lesnik

Gus Hodge

Bryce Malary

David Howe

Micah Linton-Smith

Xander Konstantino

Mathew Maniaty

Nate Kraft

Will McGuire

Jacob Merenda

Patrick McEwen

Court Lucas

Patrick Mullaly

Andrew Ozimek

Larkin Pantano

Matt Marra

PJ O’ Hanlan

Nick Platanos

Kipling Pearce

Tyler Maynard

Matt Petersen

Jack Rickelman

Andrew Quinones

Danny McSweeney

Jack Rourke

Owen Romblad

Mason Stewart

Jackson Milius

Ethan Skonieczny

Andrew Sawyer

Aaron Stiewing

Everett Rathe

Bobby Thompson

Jack Shay

Matt Vetter

Jacob Roberts

Jack Wiesbrock

Orion Theel

Aidan Vigulto

Nick Ruiz


Calvin Walker

Mason Williams

Jack Simpson




Charlie Wira