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 MYSC Travel Coaches Handbook

This handbook is to be used as a reference for your convenience.  It is not the written policy of the Madison Youth Soccer Club and should not be used to attempt to override any conflicting policies or procedures as set by the MYSC or CJSA.

Out of State Tournaments:  The following must be sent to the District Vice President at least 30 days prior to the tournament State Cup:  All competitive travel teams will be entered in the State Cup Tournament by the Registrar unless told not to by the head coach or manager.  State Cup games must be scheduled as soon as possible (same day). If your team is the home team you must call the MYSC Referee Coordinator to schedule a field.  The Referee coordinator will take care of scheduling the referees.  The head coach is responsible for obtaining the necessary checks for the referees from the club Treasurer.   The referees must be paid at the field at the time of the game.  All State Cup games will take preference over the other travel games.  Intown Recreation games will not be bumped for any State Cup or rescheduled league game.  Follow the directions in the packet sent out by CJSA prior to the start of State Cup.  Make your phone calls the same day you receive your schedule or proceed to the next round.

  1. A completed application to travel form with all copies intact.

  2. An application to host sheet provide by the tournament director.

  3. Four copies of your roster.

  4. A self-addressed, stamped return envelope.

  5. A stamped envelope addressed to the tournament director.

Tryouts:  Coaches are responsible for holding tryouts for the next season on the day and time scheduled by MYSC.  There will be two tryouts held in Nov/Dec for the spring teams and two tryouts held in May/June for the fall season.   All players must attend at least one tryout prior to each season in order to be considered for a team.  All players trying out must be age appropriate for that team.   Coaches are not to inform players of the results of the tryouts, they will be informed by the Registrar.  All coaches must inform the Registrar of the results of the tryouts, provide a team roster and list all the players attending each tryout.   The Registrar will inform all players of their status once all rosters and tryout attendance records are received.